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Disability Insurance 

Individual Disability Income (DI) insurance is there for you so you can continue to pay everyday expenses – even if you're too sick or hurt to work. Your income provides so much for all your obligations, it just makes sense to protect it. 

Protect your income from the unexpected.

From groceries to mortgage payments and beyond, your income pays for the necessities (and splurges) in life. That’s why protecting it is so important.

We can help you do that with individual Disability Income (DI) insurance.

If you ever become too sick or hurt to work, DI provides monthly benefits “like a paycheck” to help you pay your bills. Plus, adding individual DI to your employer’s group disability insurance will provide more income protection if you become too sick or hurt to work.

What to expect

  • Coverage can be customized based on your needs and budget.

  • Can't be canceled, unless you stop paying for coverage.


The policy and discounts are yours to keep no matter where your career takes you.

To learn more about this income-protection offer and receive a quote, contact our White Glove Member Service Team at 866-693-3546

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