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Retirement well planned

Retirement is one of life’s biggest and most exciting changes. But when you stop depending on an employer paycheck and start creating your own check, it’s important to make sure your money will last. This can mean changing how you invest

Social Security and employer-sponsored retirement plans are 2 sources of guaranteed money that many people depend on in retirement. But there’s a third way to create guaranteed income, Annuities.

Annuities are financial products that are a steady stream of retirement income. They offer tax-deferred growth potential while you are saving that becomes dependable income after you retire. In some instances, income for life.   

Whether you’re saving for or living in retirement, an annuity can help you prepare for the life you want. It’s a long-term investment that delivers guaranteed income you can count on.


Before investing in an annuity, it is important to understand all your options by speaking with an advisor at: 866-693-3546 as well as consulting with your personal tax advisor

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