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Life Insurance Simplified

Shop and compare the rates of several highly rated companies at your leisure without the pressure from sales people.

If you prefer, contact a licensed professional at any time.

Plans for every budget and life stage. Once you have selected the plan that is right for you, complete and sign the application. It's that easy!

Quote and Apply

See how easy it is...

  • Pay for funeral costs

  • Pay bills and meet ongoing living expenses

  • Pay off outstanding debt, including credit cards and mortgage

  • Continue a family business

  • Finance future needs (i.e education expenses)

  • Protect a spouse's retirement plan get started today!

Additional Products 

In addition to our Quote & Apply life insurance rating tool, we offer several products that require more specialized servicing by our experienced professionals. For inquiries regarding these products, please contact us by calling 866 693-3546 or emailing us at


Whether retirement is nearing or years away, an annuity can be a way to prepare for a better retirement and guarantee you’ll have regular income for the duration of your life.


Disability insurance protects you financially in the event that you become disabled (long-term or short-term) and are no longer able to work. 


Avoid the hassle of asking loved ones for help. Long-term care insurance will help you pay the costs associated with care that aids you in everyday life.

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